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Lush Christmas WOW Gift Box 2014 Review!


I can't even describe how excited I was when my boyfriend gave me this spectacular gift box from Lush for my birthday!
WOW Gift Box is huge and crazy full of all Lush's Christmas stuff! The amazing smell that hits you when you open the stunning!

The box contains 38 products,bath bombs and bath melts, soaps, massage bars, shower gels and body lotions. It will take me ages to go through all the products!
I am totally keeping the box and use it for storage.

WOW Gift Box

The box contains three stacked layers with individual departments with all the Lush goodies inside and there is recyclable styrofoam everywhere to keep everything safe.
It reminds me of a chocolate box!
Obviously I haven't tried everything yet, but I've snap some pictures of the ones I have. There is so much in this box that is really hard to choose which bath bomb to use, so many different smells and colours!

So here we go...

1. Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Northern Lights Bath Bomb
Northern Lights In Action

This bathbomb's scent is very christmassy (Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang), although it was from the Halloween Collection. It fizzes like crazy in circles like a firework, creating different tones of blue and purple. And it contains popping candy too! Northern Lights is quite a big bathbomb, you could definitely break it in half and use it twice.

2. Father Christmas Bath Bomb

Father Christmas Bath Bomb
Father Christmas In Action

The smell of this bath bomb is quite strong but very comforting, it starts of with some lovely pinkish swirls and then you can see the inside of the bomb frizzing releasing a bright green color.

3. So White, Rose Jam, Snow Fairy and Hot Toddy Shower Gels

So White, Rose Jam, Snow Fairy
Shower Gels

Hot Toddy Shower Gel

I loved all of them, but Snow Fairy is by far my favorite, the scent of sweet candy and bubblegum is amazing. So White has a really fresh smell, just like a fresh apple juice. They all have shimmer, but it washes away.

4. Santa's Lip Scrub

Santa's Lip Scrub
Santa's Lip Scrub

I have been using the Bubblegum lip scrub for years now and I love it, but I find Santa's Lip Scrub much softer and more moisturizing. It leaves a very soft red tint on the lips and it smells like Cola.

5. Snowman Shower Jelly

Snowman Shower Jelly
Snowman Shower Jelly

I am not a huge fan of shower Jellies, I find them so tricky to handle. However the smell of this snowman is very fresh and lovely. I might try to freeze this little guy and give it a try. It does leave your skin smelling amazing with a very soft shimmer.

6. Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar
Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Snow Fairy Massage Bar is simply smells exactly like Snow Fairy shower gel, very sweet
and the scent stays on the skin even the next day. The outer layer of the bar leaves your skin a little bit pink, but it disappears as you massage it into the skin. However,  I wouldn't wear white when using this bar, it would definitely leave a stain on the clothes, as it is a greasy bar. In the middle of the bar there is a piece of shea butter with a lovely shimmer.

7.  Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb  
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Out of all the Lush's bath bombs, I think this is the most spectacular one. It has a relaxing lavender scent, the top is white, the bottom bright pink and there are colourful dots around it. Once it hits the water it starts fizzing like crazy and the dots float around crating beautiful colours! 

8. Celebrate Body Lotion

Celebrate Body Lotion
Celebrate Body Lotion

If you like citrusy scents, then you will love Celebrate body lotion, it sells like oranges and lime. It's a thick, super hydrating lotion which is perfect for all those dry spots, like elbows, feet and legs. The coco butter makes it a bit greasy, so I use it just before bedtime on my hands.

9. Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar

Christmas Hedgehog 
This is quite a big bubble bar, so I divided the little guy longways and crumbled half of the bar under the running tap water, it is enough to create lots of bubbles. I wasn't crazy about the smell, it's a very soft lavender and rose scent which goes away after a few minutes, but the cocoa and shea butter makes the water and the skin super soft.

Christmas Hedgehog In Action
Christmas Hedgehog In Action

10. Dashing Santa Bath Bomb 

Dashing Santa In Action
Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

This bath bomb also has a lovely citrusy scent of bergamot and orange flower and although it's a small bah bomb it took more than ten minutes to dissolve completely. As it fizzes, it leaves beautiful swirls of red, white and gold and at the end it leaves a shimmery white layer on the surface of the water.

11. Baked Alaska, Reindeer Rock, Yog Nog, Snowcake and Fairy Ring Soaps

Baked Alaska, Reindeer Rock, Snowcake, Fairy Ring
and Yog Nog Soaps

I loved all of them!!Baked Alaska smells like lemon and grapefruit, really fresh and I believe it's the most visually stunning soap, it;s so colourful! The Reindeer Rock smells exactly like the Comforter bubble bar, very sweet and the Snowcake is marzipan scented. I had no doubt I would love the Yog Nog soap, as it smells just like egg nog drink and it's even dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon on top.

12. Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

This bubble bar makes a LOT of bubbles and smells very floral, which extremely relaxing, the perfect treat before bedtime. It turns the water a beautiful purl/blue colour and makes the skin very soft. Just crumble it under running water and enjoy!
Crumbling Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve In Action

13. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb
Lord of Misrule In Action

This is another stunning and colourful bath bomb, I've used this before as it was a product from Lush's halloween collection. The scent is kind of spicy, like patchouli and black pepper and the centre of the bath bomb is a deep purple/red, however it will not stain your bathtub. i highly recommend Lord of Misrule and hope they add it to their permanent collection!

14. First Snow Dusting Powder

First Snow Dusting Powder
I was so excited to try this product, because I love so much Lush's dusting powders. First Snow smells just like Celebrate body lotion, very fresh and uplifting, and although it's a powder it moisturises the skin so well leaving an amazing silver shimmer, which is perfect for when you're going out. It gets absorb really quickly so don't worry about your clothes, it's not at all messy.
It is a bit pricey for 30g, but with this powder a little bit goes a long way.

First Snow Dusting Powder

15. Santa Bay Lip Tint

Santa Baby Lip Ti

This is the first lip tint I've tried from Lush, and I was so disappointed..I am sorry Lush, I love your products but not this one. It smells wonderful, just like Cola, but it is very very hard and not at all moisturising. it leaves a nice bright rep tint on the lips, but also on the fingers. every time I use it I have to apply a moisturising lip balm too.

16. Snowman Fun and Gold Fun

Gold Fun

I don't now why it took me so long to try Fun! I was always very sceptical about the Fun soap, I though it wouldn't lather very well and in general it looked very weird. But it's just to use. Both Fun soaps smell amazing, the Gold smells just like honey and the Snowman has a strong fruit citrus fragrance. Fun is a multitasking bar, which can be used for almost a soap, bubble bar, shampoo and even for hand-washing your clothes. It is really easy to use, just take the amount you need and if you're feeling creative, mould it in any shape you like and it will lather so well creating lots of soft bubbles. 
The Snowman and Gold Fun bars are limited edition, but there are other Fun bar fragrances available in lush's permanent collection: Lush Fun Bars

Snowman Fun

I will be trying the rest of the products very soon and I will update this post...

Sparkler Bath Bomb
Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb

Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
Star Light Star Bright

Butterbear Bath Bomb
Melting Snowman Bath Melt

Magic Wand Bath Bomb
Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

So White Bath Bomb

Drummers Drumming Bath Bomb
Snow Angel Bath Bomb

Ciders Bath Bomb
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

And here is a cool idea on how to store your Lush products, in a glass jar, I think it looks adorable.

Jars filled with Lush Goodies

What was your favourite Christmas Lush product?!

Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed this post!

Have an amazing week!

Lots of love


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  1. (Belated) happy new year to you!

    Wow, so many things, nice!! My boyfriend usually despairs when he needs to buy gifts for me, so no Lush Christmas presents for me I fear. So lucky you! :D

    But looking at all those nice products does make me want to get a bath and try them out for myself. ^^

    Good to read about the red lip balm: I know I won't have to try that one out. I really hate it when stuff like that doesn't work well. But like you, I usually love Lush products.