Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sleek MakeUp Highlighting Palette - Precious Metals Review!


I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

I love highlighting and I am sure you all do too.

I really like Sleek MakeUp, I've always been pleased with their products and they are affordable too. So I decided to try their new highlighting palette and it's even better then I expected.

The packaging is beautiful, it comes with a mirror and a small brush, but only one of the highlighter is a powdery one, the rest are creamy.

On the back of the packaging there are instructions for applying each highlighter.

"Create subtle or dramatic effects by blending the colours using fingertips to the inner corners of the eyes, cross the brow bone and along the tops of cheekbones. Use an eyeshadow brush for precision and increased intensity."

There are four beautiful colours, each one for a different use, my favourite one is no1 the lightest named 'Platinum', which I use across and over my browbone and on the inner ornery of my eyes. The second one is the 'Antique Bronze', which I use to highlight along the tops of my cheekbones. The third one is the 'Royal Gold, perfect for highlighting down the bridge of my nose. The last one is the 'Renaissance Gold', which I also use for highlighting the tops of my cheekbones and my cupid's bow (top of the lip).

1-Platinum(left) 2-Royal Gold
3-Renaissance Gold
3-Renaissance Gold (top) 4-Antique Bronze

Overall, I really liked this palette, I have all the different highlighters in one box, they're beautiful colours and long-lasting!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you have an amazing week!

Lots of Love


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