Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What's in my JustFab Bag?!


After I realised my bag is too heavy I decided to re-organize and clean it. I usually keep the same bag for a week or more, as I know that when I change bags I always end up forgetting something and it is so annoying!

The 'whats in my bag' post is one of the most popular posts in beauty blogging..I love reading them  and I am sure many people love it too, but I don't know exactly why, maybe because a handbag is so personal and private...

I hope you enjoy what's in my JustFab bag! : )

What's in my bag

For the last 3 weeks now I have been using my Icon bag from JustFab in green, the size is perfect as I can fit everything I need during the day and at work. Also I love the interior separators which keep everything tidy! So here is what I carry with me during the day..

First of all my basic things like my wallet (Prada), mobile phone (iPhone), sunglasses (RayBan) and my keys. I always carry with me my phone charger, iPhone's battery runs out very quickly (I am addicted and check my Instagram all the time)! I bought this cool Muji mini notepad key ring for my keys and I am in love with it, I am super organised and I am always writing things down so I don't forget anything. I also carry my Swarovski butterfly USB, which has a chain and can be used a a necklace.   

Another thing I always carry with me in my day bag is my calendar (Cath Kidston), I think this is the thing I use the most in my life, I write everything down, payments, work notes, events, deadlines..I also have another notepad, a pink Moleskin, which I use only to keep my blog notes and ideas. Other things in my bag are some cute pocket tissues, a furry pen (gift from my friend)  and some pink and white M&S which were a gift from JustFab (I like to have snacks in my bag)!

I think it is very important to keep wet tissues and antibacterial lotion in our bags, I always use it after I take the tube or bus. I also carry with me a Botanics rosewater spray from Boots, which is great to refresh your skin.
I must have around 10 different lip balms and lipsticks in my bag and my boyfriend makes fun of me! I put all my makeup products in a small leopard makeup bag I bought from Primark, I have some hair clips, brush, some lipbalms, a small They're Real Benefit mascara,  Bourjois Healthy Balance powder with mirror,  a Garnier Eye Roll-On, a small size Porefessional Benefit primer, a concealer by PIXI and a Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush. Always ask for sample products, they are great for your makeup bag and can even fit in a clutch!

So what's in your JustFab bag?!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!

Lots of Love


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