Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bags & Shoes Heaven!!


Happy Valentines Day! 

Yesterday morning I had a surprise waiting for me at the mail!! Ok not exactly a 'surprise', because I bought it for myself, but anyway I was super excited to receive my new bag from JustFab!

Before I start describing the bag, I really really recommend you signing up to become a member of this cute site. It is very easy, you take a quizz about your personal style and then every month you receive an email with shoes and bags for you to choose based on your profile and style. And the most amazing part is that EVERYTHING costs  £35! And you get an extra 20% off at your first purchase.   

I fell in looooove with this fuchsia Daredevil bag and had it on my wishlist for a few weeks! It costed me £28, because it was my first purchase. The design is inspired by Stella McCartney Falabella bags, it is very similar, but it is not a replica of McCartney bags.  

Daredevil Bag  and Falabella McCartney Bag  
Detail of Daredevil Bag in Fuchsia
I haven't used the bag yet, so in the pictures the shape looks a bit weird, but  the base will get its structure as I start wearing it.

What I also liked about the bag is that it is very light and the chain straps don't cut into my shoulders! Usually my bags are full and very heavy, so I tried carrying it with the same amount of things and it still feels quite light, not heavy at all. There is some extra chain inside if you want to use it.    
The color is amazing and very vibrant, all my bags are black or grey or it a nice change!
The material is not leather, but it still looks super nice and fierce, not at all 'trashy'. The size is average to quite big, it comes up to my hips (I am short and petite 1.57 cm!) and  you can wear it both ways, with the flap hanging down or with the flap upwards.
The delivery was super quick, I received the bag within 3 days, it came in this cute box.


                                                  I have some bags saved on my wish list!


Here is the Justfab site if you want to have a look!
I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!
Have an amazing Valentines Day with Lots of Love!

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