Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Healthiest Eating Place in London!

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When I get really bored of eating the same sandwiches at the office every day Tossed is a great change! I go to the one in Mortimer street which is closer to me, but there are stores in many other areas in London. 

This place is great and they have so many amazing healthy options!Tossed is all about salads, it is healthy but definitely not boring at all. For lunch I like eating something warm, otherwise I fell I didn't eat proper lunch : ) so I have also tried a few of their homemade soups and wraps with chicken. Although I love this place, I eat only 2 or 3 of their ready made wraps, because most of them have coriander, which I totally hate!

They have a CYO (create your own) salad bar, the ingredients are very fresh, you can choose toppings for your salad like cous cous, noodles, brown basmati rice etc. (they charge extra for the toppings) and then your dressing.

They also make smoothies and breakfast pots. My favorites are the berry punch smoothie with yogurt and the granola pot with yogurt, berry compote and bananas.  

But the best of the best award goes for the pot with custard and bananas!!It is so creamy and tasty, it has only 167 calories and it is my no1 choice when I want something sweet and healthy.

During lunch time it can get a bit busy, but the queue moves really quickly so it doesn't take too long to order. The decoration of the place is so cool, bright and happy and there is also a small area if you want to hang around with your friends for a quick lunch. Overall it is an affordable healthy place to eat, the wraps cost £3.95, the salads around £6 and the smoothies £2.95.   

Here is their website if you want to check their store locations, menus and they also do office deliveries!
Their website is super cute with cows on flying balloons and bunnies : )

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