Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bubbleology - Bubble Tea



Bubble Tea is the new craze in London...I suppose it has been for a while now, but I only found out about it last week accidentally on my way to Chinatown.
The Bubbleology shop in Soho is small, but cute and they have an amazing decoration. Bubble Tea originates from Taiwan and it is a flavoured tea, milk or fruit based, with some chewy tapioca pearls that sink on the bottom of the glass. 

Bubbleology shop in Notting Hill

When I entered the shop, the first thing that impressed me was the amazing smelled like candies and fruit. And the staff was very helpful and friendly.
Bubbleologists preparing the drinks
Window Decoration Notting Hill shop  
Cool carry bag

There are so many different tastes to try! And you can mix the flavours and customize it to your liking!

I have only tried the cold version, but I am sure the hot ones would be nice too. My favorites are Mango & Passion Fruit, Coconut Perl Tea and Taro Pearl Tea with milk.

Mango and Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

                                            Coconut Pearl Tea

Strawberry and White Peach Bubble Tea

Taro Pearl Tea

You can find Bubbleology stores in Soho, Knightsbridge at Harvey Nichols and they just opened a new one Notting Hill. Or just visit their website...they also do home deliveries to some London areas.

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